The company

Mela Technik GmbH has its origins in 1861 when Johann Witt founded a machine factory. After the 2nd World War in 1949 the factory started with the repair of electric motors and in 1950 with the remanufacturing of starters and alternators. From 1963 until the end of the GDR, the company was known as VEB Landtechnisches Instandsetzungswerk Schwerin. After the fall of the wall, the company was privatized and reconstructed in 1992 under the name of mela Schwerin GmbH as a remanufacturing company for starters and alternators, mainly for heavy duty vehicles, and continued its existence in its present form since 2007 under the name Mela Technik GmbH.

Cost-saving and environment-friendly

Recycling is the future and a trend!

Performance and life-time of the remanufactured parts match those of new parts; because we offer the customer a cost saving compared to the corresponding new part. The significantly lower level of prices is made possible by material and energy savings during the working process. A further argument for remanufacturing is that the warranty term is equal to a brand new part.

Perhaps the most important argument, however, consists in the elimination of waste disposal problems. Thus, the remanufacturing of used parts saves energy and raw materials compared to a meltdown of the used unit, waste disposal sites are relieved and the air pollution is reduced due to the elimination of iron ore melting or the re-melting of old units. Therefore we as remanufacturers contribute a lot to CO2 reduction. The energy saved by remanufacturing worldwide corresponds to an annual CO2 emission of 8.4 million tons!